Sales Tactics and Advisory

Develop a tailored sales strategy based on agreed objectives & timelines to ensure execution with the utmost efficiency and maximum cost-effectiveness.

• Devising & activating broker engagement to optimize results based on a selected
set of agents active in the micro market & product offering.
• Prelaunch, launch and post-launch services with agent activation.
• Access to OCTA bond brokers | 1300+
• Access to investors launch briefings – public & inhouse.
• Access to OCTA 100 club.
• In-house development detailed analysis of competition project offerings, market intelligence & comparable studies. USP’s, and sale performance.
• Comprehensive advisory on size & unit mix and amenities relevant to the project/Markert appeal.
• In-house project training material development.
• Advising on inventory release, bulk sales transactions, pricing, price drive &customer offer packaging

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  • Vision and Planning: Conceptualization
  • Management and Design: Architecture and Interior Design
  • Sales & Marketing: Branding & Launch Strategy


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